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Knife Sharpening

We sharpen all brands of knives. Cutting with a dull knife is not only hard work it is dangerous. We use the best equipment to ensure your knife stay sharp as long as possible.


In a cafe or restaurant, it is important that the tools of the trade are kept in the best condition possible. By having your knives regularly sharpened you ensure a safer work environment.


Mr Sharp sharpens all kinds of scissors. We have done work for all kind of people including hairdressers, seamstresses, florists and others. Do give us a call for any blunt scissors.


Mr Sharps team sharpen all kinds of tools, including lawnmower blades, axes, secateurs and more. If your tools are blunt you will be working harder. Do give us a call we will fix it for you. Don't just work harder.


Sharpening Expertise

Mr Sharp has been established since 2014. We have been in pioneer of sharpening since then.

On Time delivery

We know the need for your tools and knives so we always deliver your product on time.


We provide services at very affordable rates. Budget Friendly

Free Consultation

We Provide Free Consultation after all of our services.

24 / 7 Support

We provide 24x7 support with home service. Mail Us, Call Us or just Send in a Message.

Guaranteed Works

You name a product you wanna get sharpened. We will do it for you.

Hand made leather strop

Knife Sharpening Melbourne is a professional mobile sharpening business. We service cafe’s, restaurants, hair salons & butchers. We also do home visits for domestic knife.

Hand Made Leather Strops smooths the bevel very nicely, reduces hone lines from sharpening on a stone, and results in a smoother, sharper edge. It’s a nice in-between step, being more aggressive than stropping alone while not removing material the way honing does. It’s a great tool in your toolbox and will prolong the life of your blade between honings, ultimately saving time and money by stretching how long you can go before investing in a hone yourself or sending your razor to be sharpened.
Our Price and Shipping Charges

Hand made leather strop – AU$60
Shipping Charges – $10

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Mr Sharp Knife Sharpening
Mr Sharp Knife Sharpening3 days ago
Mr Sharp Knife Sharpering is at Burrum heads opposite Foodworks for the next two or three hours feel free to make a booking or come on down.
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Mr Sharp Knife Sharpening
Mr Sharp Knife Sharpening shared a post — in Burrum Heads.3 days ago
Here today sharpening all kinds of blades ,even chisels🗡✂️🔪
Mr Sharp Knife Sharpening
Mr Sharp Knife Sharpening is at FoodWorks (Burrum Heads).3 days ago
Giving the kitchen knives some much needed attention 🔪
Mr Sharp Knife Sharpening
Mr Sharp Knife Sharpening is at Maryborough Sports Club Inc.5 days ago
Sharpening and repairing all the knives in kitchen 🔪
Mr Sharp Knife Sharpening
Mr Sharp Knife Sharpening is at Urangan Pier Park Markets.6 days ago
Urangan Pier Park Markets
Will be there tomorrow and Saturday
Mr Sharp Knife Sharpening